The Biostar Handbook: A Beginner's Guide to Bioinformatics

After almost two years of work, the Biostar Handbook has been published at the end of 2016. It is a passionately and lovingly crafted e-book that makes a challenging subject accessible and, dare we say fun.

What is the Biostar Handbook?

The Biostar Handbook introduces readers to bioinformatics, the scientific discipline at the intersection of biology, computer science, and statistical data analytics dedicated to the digital processing of genomic information.

Biostar Handbook

The Biostar Handbook delivers simple, concise, and relevant information for those looking to understand the field of bioinformatics as a data science. It is a comprehensive, practical handbook that covers all major application areas of bioinformatics: from short read alignment, genome visualization, genome analysis to RNA-Seq gene expression studies.

How do I get the Biostar Handbook?

We are self publishing to keep the costs low. Get the Handbook for your research group and watch their productivity soar! Read it online in a browser, as a PDF on your computer or as an e-Book on your mobile device.

How do I find out what is new in the Biostar Handbook?

We are continuously updating the Handbook adding new chapters and sections to it. Subscribe to our email list to be notified of these changes.

What are the future plans for Biostar Handbook?

The book has outgrown its original desing. It is now too long for a single book. The content will be broken up into smaller books that focus on each topic individually. Once you buy one version of the handbook will be able to access any of the books.