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Python Programming in 100 hours

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Starting with May 1st, 2018 the Biostar Handbook includes a Python Course designed for life scientists.

Lectures will appear on a regular basis and will consist of videos, slides, links to various chapters, links to supporting materials and homework.

This course is designed to introduce Python programming to life scientists. The course is primarily designed to help participants develop programming skills that can be applied to bioinformatics oriented data analysis.

The concepts covered in the course are based on materials developed for the graduate level course titled "Practical Programming for Life Scientists" (BMMB 597D) created and taught by Dr. Istvan Albert at the Pennsylvania State University.

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Lecture 1: Getting Started with Python

What is Python? How to set yourself up for success.

Lecture 2: How does Python work

Variables, names, classes and methods

Lecture 3: Additional learning resources

Learn Python faster using additional resources

Lecture 4: How to write code

Strategies to find, understand and improve coding solutions