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What do people think about the book?

Our readers are our champions. See the public post The Biostar Handbook. A bioinformatics e-book for beginners. A few quotes from that thread:

  • I love it! Thanks for an amazing book - and the courses in bioinformatics and python!!!
  • I wish this was published when I started Bioinformatics.
  • I think this was the best money I spent in some time.
  • This book has been extremely helpful.
  • Thanks a lot for this amazing book and i am enjoying reading the online version.
  • I would highly recommend it for anyone passionate about starting a career in bioinformatics.
Our reader love us. Why? Because we teach realistic skills that can be the basis of a career! The book, when turned into a PDF has 810 pages, it is the ultimate guide on how to analyze everything!

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The book is always growing

Unlike static, printed materials the Biostar Handbook grows with you every month. Just like living organisms it changes and evolves with time. It is a reference book that has code examples that always work, advice that is always simple, information that always helps. Originally released in 2016 the book has been completely rewritten, gained several online courses and reached a second edition in 2019.

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